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  • Digital Door Viewer with WIFI GSM integrated

    Digital Door Viewer with WIFI GSM integrated

    [Show slideshow]     The World’s first WiFi GSM door bell :   1)Let you see,hear and talk with door visitors on smart phone(Android&IOS),even if you are away from house,city or country. 2)Motion video recording,photo shooting,alarm 3)Video recording,support video recording to smart phone and to device SD card also. 4)IPhone&Android APP available 5)Remote control device…

  • Curtains Rods

    Curtains Rods

    [Show slideshow] Wooden and Metallic Curtains Rods   Here you could find a wide collection of curtains rods from the white metal rods and traditional wooden rods to the modern metal collection in different thickness 19mm, 22mm,35mm and different finishes chrome and antique brass color all available in Antoine Howayek & co.

  • Digital Door Viewer with GSM integrated

    Digital Door Viewer with GSM integrated

    [Show slideshow] DIGITAL DOOR VIEWER WITH GSM INTEGRATED:   1)Call you mobile by pressing or by motion detect 2)Send SMS to device,iHome-2 will shoot a picture and send back to your mobile phone. 3)SOS emergency number setting. 4)130 degree view angle 5)PIR auto video record,alarm,calling mobile. 6)Wide touch screen 7)Day&Night vision

  • Gold Leafs And Accessories

    [Show slideshow] You could find in Howayek Stores the 22 KT 8×8 cm genuine gold leafs or even the imitation 16×16 cm copper leafs with all the needed accessories from the glue in different sizes 250 ml, 500 ml and 1 litre to the shellac also available in 250 ml, 500 ml and 1 litre also…

  • Furniture Profile Handle

    Furniture Profile Handle

      [Show slideshow] Made from aluminium these profiles comes in 3 and 4 meters length. There are used in a very wide range of kitchen designed cabinet with different designs and shapes there are the new trend of the modern kitchens.

  • Fingerprint Lock Handle

    Fingerprint Lock Handle

    Fingerprint lock handle specifications

  • Hotel Card Locks

    Hotel Card Lock Specifications     

  • Kids Collection

    Kids Collection

    [Show slideshow] Made from soft rubber this collection is ideal for kids bedrooms, it’s safe and colorful with different sizes and characters including soccer balls, Disney collections, carton characters, angry birds and lots of other items that are available in the Howayek Showroom, and this is small gallery to give an idea of the available…

  • Digital Door Viewer

    Digital Door Viewer

          Why the Digital Door Viewer? The most basic home security is the front door. This is the primary entry point in the home, and the method to identify who is there has not changed in many years. Ask who is there and wait for a verbal response ‧ This is only useful…

  • Digital Door Viewer With Sensor

    Digital Door Viewer With Sensor

    [Show slideshow] Nothing beats that feeling that you’re safe and secure in home no matter what. Well Howayek wants you to feel just that with their new Digital Door Viewer that’s actually a peephole camera with photo and video for enhanced surveillance. Now you can discreetly identify who’s at your door, while having the ability to program…