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  • Digital Door Viewer

    Digital Door Viewer

          Why the Digital Door Viewer? The most basic home security is the front door. This is the primary entry point in the home, and the method to identify who is there has not changed in many years. Ask who is there and wait for a verbal response ‧ This is only useful…

  • Digital Door Viewer With Sensor

    Digital Door Viewer With Sensor

    [Show slideshow] Nothing beats that feeling that you’re safe and secure in home no matter what. Well Howayek wants you to feel just that with their new Digital Door Viewer that’s actually a peephole camera with photo and video for enhanced surveillance. Now you can discreetly identify who’s at your door, while having the ability to program…

  • Door Handles Products

    Door Handles Products

    [Show slideshow]   Made of high quality materials Howayek company is proud to present a very wide collection of door handles series from different countries threw out of the world, from Italy, Turkey, China or even from our own factory in Lebanon we present to our clients the  best products and  designs to satisfy all…